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Nowadays, there are multiple medicinal plants that can be used in the cycle of treatment due to the idea of many physicians and experts in plant sciences. Almost 11 percent of important medicines in medicinal list of world health organization has uniquely plant origin. Medicinal plants are classified among food complements; hence they can be produced and sold without the supervision of food and medicine organizations.

– Familiarity with the medicinal plant of garlic and its characteristics

Garlic is a traditional plant that is pointed to it in the oldest references related to the land of Sumer 2600 – 2100 BC. Nowadays, in the world, garlic is existent in more than 22 traditional products and 800 plant medicine. This plant is a member of the lily family, which is native in central areas of Asia. Its underground set is not soft despite the onion, and it is made from 4 to 20 grains. Food consumption of garlic is traditionally resulted in increasing body temperature and sweat and decreases the number of pulmonary secretions. The most medicinal effects of garlic are related to sulfur compounds, and the action of the enzyme alinase in breaking alin, especially amino Allicin acid, is mostly considered.

Allicin is an organic sulfur compound (organosulfur), which is obtained from the garlic plant in nature. Allicin was first extracted and purified from garlic by Chester J Kavalitu and John Hey Bayli in 1994, and some researches were done in it. Among garlic compounds, Allen, allicin, organic acids, carbohydrates, and vitamins can be named in which the most important characteristics of garlic are related to allicin. Allicin is an oil compound with a light yellow color, which makes unique perfume of garlic. Another name of Allicin is garlic oil, in which antimicrobial characteristics of garlic are related to the same compound. This compound plays the most section of its antibiotic characteristics through specific inhibition of steel choline A synthase enzyme so that by inhibition of this enzyme, it caused to inhibit lipid biosynthesis and fatty acids, and at last, it causes disorder in the bioavailability of microorganisms. One of the important characteristics of Allicin is permeability and passing from membrane phospholipids, which due to this reason, it can freely pass from the membrane and handles its duties.

Several types of research show that Allicin, with important characteristics (Antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antifungal effects), causes to improve the immune system of the body. Regarding common cold, clinical researches indicate that garlic is effective in the prevention or treatment of it. The external study of Mehrbod et al. showed that the efficiency of garlic extract on the decrease of growth of flu and H1N1 virus. The garlic and its effective materials from different mechanisms can cause to decrease in the severity of virus diseases. The present sulfur compounds in garlic can react with the groups, including Thiol of various viral enzymes such as dehydrogenase alcohol, thioredoxin reductase, and even di sulfoxide bonds, which the activity of these enzymes is necessary for cell life. In another study, Allicin effects recently are studied on a species of Herpes as Lytic Kaposi Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus. The results of this study showed that Allicin could meaningfully decrease KSHV replicase in the BC-3 cell category. In other researches, killing effects of garlic and its products are related to its effects on membrane and virus capsid.

Of course, we should consider that Allicin is unstable at room temperature, and its antimicrobial effects will lose by heating in the temperature higher than 800  for some minutes. It is proved that the antimicrobial effects of Allicin are related to Thio sulfate groups. Hence, the derivatives are prepared from Allicin, and its antimicrobial effects are tested. It is showed that these compounds have stability in the temperature of the environment during keeping antimicrobial effects. Due to antivirus characteristics that are reported from the Allicin compound, in this study, we follow surveying treatment effects of Allicin derivatives on new Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

– First Step: Making Alicin Supplement Capsules

Allicin supplement medicine was invented and made by Mr. Hossein Niktale, Honorary Doctorate in organic chemistry and his group.

Based on his opinion, this group followed for several years in research work about Allicin obtaining using present materials. Allicin is located in Amino acid family and is used as a supplement. Due to present Allicin in garlic is escaping and limited, it has not the capability of commercialization and producing Allicin as the high amount is not possible. Handled researches about Allicin structure and organosulfur compounds show that due to unstable structure, using its evident characteristics in treatment is not simple.

At present, this group was successful for obtaining a valuable production from minerals and plants with the help of God that we make it in a stable shape with changing in links of chemical structures; then it was produced from other product which has abundant obtaining capability and also its commercialization is simple.

In our inventive process, Cysteine is extracted with the method of biosynthesis Allicin. Raw materials are available, and they have a high capability for producing, and at present, we can speedily obtain a considerable amount in a short time. The capacity for high production is easily accessible due to being creative of process, and the average production can reach daily till 1000 kg (250000 virus patients and 80000 infectious patients). Our product is consistent with the defined dose of clinical tests in Germany and Europe, which its reference is present.

This group proudly announces its readiness for complete cooperation for passing Corona crisis till each stage which will be needed and since this product is a 100% local one and its raw materials are abundantly present inside the country, its total price is also low, and this group has no material expectations for solving this crisis. Due to the situation of the whole country, which is in Corona condition, this group has complete readiness for cooperation and producing this supplement.

Meanwhile, producing this product is handled in Sami Saz Pharmacy Company located in Mashhad, Toos Industrial Township, with the capacity of the daily production of 2 million capsules.


– Second Step: Clinical experiment of Allicin Supplement Capsule

Since this product is produced as a supplement with the license of production and considered its antivirus effects in the cases of COVID-19 patients and its considerable effects is evident in the improvement of body immune system, the results of clinical researches show that this supplement has the capability for cleansing the body during first three days and also it can be effective for virus and infectious patients. Meanwhile, the consumption of this supplement is effective in disease prophylaxis.

In the following of this study, we can say that at present with the grace of God, due to the important role of this medicinal supplement and its necessities in the prevention and helpful treatment of COVID-19, the stage of its clinical experiment is being speedily done by specific teams of physicians and in the next stages, the report of handled researches will be announced.